Radek, Jill and Sophia

Sunday, April 11, 2010 2:15 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

I've done a bit of photography for my boss at my daytime job. The majority of it has been architectural shots of homes and kitchens. It's something I've actually quite enjoyed since it ends up being just you, the lights, lines and angles. You don't have to worry about models, or makeup artists not showing up and can kind of work off your own schedule. But I digress....

I remember talking about his wedding photos a while back. I had not shot his wedding, it had taken place when I was still fairly new to photography at the time. Regardless both him and his wife really enjoyed a lot of my work even back then so I anticipated being asked to do some baby photos for them when their new daughter was born.

As I've mentioned in the past I can't claim that my forté is baby pictures but it's something I can still enjoy and work towards improving as I go along. The results I've brought forth so far I'm also quite happy with.

This time around I had a better impression as to what shots I wanted to get. It's still a learning process but in the end I still come out of it with a lot more shots than I promised and a happy couple.

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