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An aspect of photography I have always admired was the ability to create emotion and inspiration within individuals with just a simple picture. I'm sure we all strive for that on some level even if were not always shooting with that at the forefront of our conscious for every shot. We're always worrying about the lighting, posing, shutter speeds, noise and so on.

In the end it's a cool feeling knowing that what you create with a simple click of a shutter button can bring a lot to the people you shoot for. It can bring back cherished memories or it can help them move forward in life. It can bring them business and enrich their lives. Of course I may be glamorizing it a little but it can be a beautiful thing creating these sorts of things with your own personal view on things.

My desires have always been to improve my craft, as long as it's not at the expense of others. It may not always be the most idealistic of goals but it's always great to see when the end result helps move someone ahead in life.

The picture up there is not mine. I wish I had the photographers name. It was from the photographer who originally had the blog entitled "My Private Tokyo". The site has been down for several years now. It was one of the first images that really got me interested in photography. It created something in me that was never there before.

As you guys can probably tell a lot of my style is quite similar to this shot. It may not be technically impressive or particularly stunning but I have always maintained it created a beautiful sense of atmosphere and it's something I've tried to do through my own work.

So what inspires you?

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