Fashion Week in Edmonton

Monday, April 5, 2010 12:56 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

Western Canada Fashion Week, formerly known as Edmonton Fashion Week, started up last Thursday to a sold out show and greater media attention this season around. I always look forward to some of the works of art created and exhibited by the local, and not so local, designers. Each individual brings something new and different to the runway and the energy and atmosphere is something I enjoy getting caught up in, even if I may not be the most fashionable person around.

Like all things however it has up's and down's. Later this month it's a subject I feel I want to make my mind heard. It has become grating to deal with some of the issues season after season and not mention them. I cannot in good conscience keep it bottled up and pretend it's not happening. For the time being however, I will try and not dwell on the negative and instead keep this particular entry related to the photography, rather than the politics of it all.

This season I've had a lot more success with the D3s than I ever did with the 5d MkII.

Now, I want to preface this to point out I am by no means a fanboy when it comes to Camera gear. I don't hold inherent prejudices and I truly believe all the different companies put forth some amazing cameras with varying strengths and weaknesses between them all. In the end it is the photographer and what feels best in his hands. The camera is just an instrument.

Anyways, one of the main issues I was having was with the Auto Focus system on the Canon 5D MkII. It is, by no means a bad system. It works well but I had wanted to have a system in my hands that is a step above, a pro model. I had found the limited AF point selection to be a bit of a limitation, more so when only the center point was the cross sensor point. I may be mistaken on this but it is to my understanding that the AF system on the 5D MkII is essentially the same one as the 5D (If i'm mistaken on this then I apologize). While once again not an inherently bad system it is starting to show it's age a little.

Ultimately part of the reason for my switch to Nikon was the improved AF system the D3s possessed, among a slew of other reasons. Not to get bogged down in details but after testing it out using continuous focus on the runway, I had walked out truly impressed and happy with it. Having the freedom to choose between 51 points let me keep up with what I wanted to do and the results were dead on 99% of the time. The system kept up and didn't skip a beat the entire night, as well as the past few shows.

I'm genuinely happy and impressed with the results. It's a great feeling knowing you can put it out of your mind and focus (har har!) on framing and composition.

As for other things. The runways is a little lower this year compared to last season. Personally I'm not a fan of it. Because of it theres a greater limitation for the audience. Those further back have a harder time seeing the show. As for me, I had a preconceived idea as to the angle I wanted to shoot but with the change in height it has thrown me a little off my game. To be perfectly honest I haven't yet found one that works quite as well for me.

I'm looking forward to shooting the rest of the nights this week. It is a little sad that it will be over come Thursday though.

The shows put forth thus far have been very entertaining and enjoyable to photograph. I love nothing more than seeing some of the models bring their attitude and put it on display on the runway. There is an energy in them that is near palpable and shows up beautifully in pictures.

For those interested, I have a nicer collection of pictures up here.

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