We Need Your Help: Update Part 9

Monday, April 25, 2011 11:38 PM Posted by Hikari Studio


It's been a while since the last Rise Again update hasn't it. Life has been busy, real busy but not busy enough to put off the project, just some days too busy to update the blog. Regardless, here are some of the people who have graciously taken their time to pose for a portrait and donate towards the project. A bit of a bigger update this time around. A number of the photos are from my involvement with a fundraiser put together by the EJCA here in town. I got a chance to be a part and help drive donations with the project. When i get a chance I'll also toss up some of the images i grabbed while doing some of the event coverage.

As always, there's more to come in the future.

So far we are in the high 80's for number of people involved. I am debating winding down the project towards the 100 people end and then compiling it together in one big collage. Either way, it's still up for ideas and even if i do wind down the project, i'll most definitely still meet up with people who want to be involved.

In any case, come be a part :)

You can view all of the images in one collection here

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