City Lights

Friday, April 8, 2011 3:43 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

This was a creative project I had wanted to take steps in over the past few months. I was itching for melting snow and warmer weather and were finally on the transition into spring. The idea behind this one, from a photography perspective is from a blog post a while back. I had wanted to take a model and give them a sort of story to play in and then for the most part, as the photographer, play a fly on the wall. No strobes, no, speedlites, no reflectors. I just wanted the freedom to shoot within natural light without the interruption of those elements.

It was a step away in the opposite direction from the past winter's studio work. In a studio, a lot of the elements are predetermined and calculated. They don't always have to be and in many respects this is my counter balance to getting stuck in a particular style. Down the road you take these experiences and bring them all together. Being more at comfort with shooting within the elements that are available and not supplementing them because you can creates constraints within your path as a photographer.

It's a challenge at times, especially when you know you could make an image stand out more by adding a light here, or popping in a reflector there but those kinds of rules make you stop and think outside the box. They also simplify the elements you have to pay attention to within a photo. Not having to worry about the equipment, or ratios or settings and just shooting lets you save your focus for composition and interaction.

In any case, i highly recommend it. Leave most of your gear at home, step outside with just 1 or 2 lenses and see what you can do with just that. I plan on continuing with this, especially once it warms up even further. It's often care free and fun, something we can tend to lose when caught up in our artistic pursuits.

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