We Need Your Help: Update Part 8

Thursday, April 14, 2011 4:22 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

Going strong into another week! It looks like were around the 75 people mark. Looking back how it has been less than a month it still surprises me the amount of support that both exists and how much ground has been covered so far. It's also pretty amazing to run into complete strangers who have heard of the project one way or another. It's times like these you can look at the power social media can carry and the influence it can have on the growth of both one's projects and as a business.

These shots were taken at a charity event to help raise funds for the Japan relief effort. There's a few familiar faces and a few new ones. Regardless they're all pretty amazing people.

I look forward to meeting some new people this week. Stay tuned and keep up the amazing work.

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