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As some of you may be familiar with the title, My Private Tokyo was a much different blog done by a photographer and his experiences around Japan, particularly with the aid of a LOMO camera. While this is most certainly not the same individual and his own blog has not been active for quite some time I was originally very inspired by his work and that eventually led me into photography which i have been doing for about 3 years now.

A lot of my work is not done in a similar style but i have taken a lot of inspiration and appreciation for the work put forth by the previous blog and used it to influence my take and style on photography. That in itself is why i have chosen to title my blog in a very similar style. To me it is a way of paying homage to the original blog and hoping to bring some of it's spirit to my own photography.

With that I should probably introduce myself. My name is Mario and I have been involved in photography for the past 3 years. I have not taken any form of professional schooling or enrolled in any classes and what i have learned has mostly been from self study, experimentation and the knowledge and experience of professional individuals who i have had the pleasure of learning from.

Ultimately, like many others, I am just a student continually learning and pushing myself forward while having stumbled upon a few individuals willing to pay me for my work from time to time. I by no means wish to call myself a professional, that I am definitely not, but I am increasingly becoming more involved in the photography industry and with that I hope I can bring something to this blog that will give individuals on a similar path some guide and direction in questions and fields they may have. I have gained a lot of such knowledge from friends and individuals willing to sacrifice their time to answer my questions and this is one of my ways of returning something to the community while sharing some of my work.

Thank you.

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