A Quieter Night

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 11:00 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

So, the project is still coming along quite nicely. The next day or two will be a bit of a slow down as I have a few other shoots that need to be completed. Following that thought were right back on track with some more updates.

Aside from that, from a photographers perspective the project itself has been a rather rewarding experiences. It's quickly forced me to spend a good deal of time anticipating my settings, light sources and conditions, most of which have not been ideal, and reacting to them in a pretty quick manner. I set conditions on myself to only use natural light unless it really needed to be supplemented. That in itself was for several reasons. It made sure i worked quickly and it made me stop and think about what i have at my disposal. At times you stumble a bit but even if you only fired off a few frames in the span of a few minutes you spend a lot of time reviewing what you did and how it affected each image.

Long story the added pressure to move quickly and in varying conditions has helped me to grow in a particular regard.

The project also has a few other rules I've kept in my mind. I'm shooting the whole thing using only a 50mm focal length. In part this was to give he image some breadth and take a step away from the compression of telephoto lenses. On the other hand i had wanted to capture a bit more of the actual environment each shot was taken in. It's been bitter sweet at times but it helps you to think and adjust rather than just swapping out for a different lens.

I want the overall feel of each shot to be generally the same. The goal is not to get a individualistic picture for each person. Well, perhaps that is a little incorrect. Each one is unique but they all fit into a template of guidelines. I want it to be represented as a group, not as individual images. Like i said, it's bitter sweet at times but i'm not giving myself leeway.

The response has been pretty amazing. It's a fantastic feeling hearing people say they've been genuinely touched by the project. I want to keep track of some of the messages and comments and hopefully put it all together down the line. However, i certainly can't take credit for all this work. There are many individuals who have come together to help make this something truly unique and as such you should all finish reading this knowing that you played just a big a role as everyone else who took part.

Theres more to talk about, i will however save that for another entry. Finally, I did get some more great news the other day that I had wanted to share. I don't quite know the weight of it yet, it may in the end be something quite small in a sense but I was asked among others to participate in giving a little bit of a personal background and a message to Japan and those affected by the disasters for a magazine based in Japan.

To me that's pretty amazing. There is a whole heck of pressure behind it to create a message that inspires but it truly feels rewarding to be a part of an international community.

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