Go with the flow

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 4:20 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

Kind of a funny story behind some of these shots. After winding down following a full day in the studio I had just wanted to test a quick look for lighting using a beauty dish and the new grid I got for it. Until I hadn't really had a chance to experiment with it, certainly not for head shots so I grabbed Jenna and used her as a guinea pi....errr subject.

This was kind of a step forward from a previous one light setup I had tried with a model that day. Her outfit at the time screamed strong contrast so after we got the necessary shots we tried a few with just the one light. It went really well and so I used this opportunity to develop on it a little further.

Jenna asked if she could try a particular modelling/teaching technique she came across from the internet and to make a long story short, these were some of the results. Working with people you know and are comfortable around will get you some fantastic results. It was simple and quick but i really enjoyed the look of them and plan on expanding on it further.

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