Tuesday, November 1, 2011 7:35 AM Posted by Hikari Studio

Well, the plane is well on its way to Tokyo now. It still hasn't entirely hit that I'm traveling. Then again, maybe I'm just still in a comfort zone at this distance. Landing will certainly change that. There's was a bit of a reminder I'm no longer in Canada when the Customs Declaration forms were passed around on the plane.

On the plus side not only did I get a window seat but the seat next to me had no passenger leaving me with a lot of comfort room. I'd likely be an annoying person to sit next to on this trip between all the cameras, iPad, iPhone and cables I keep bouncing between. I guess at this point though there's not too much to do except read or sleep.

The interesting thing about this trip is how orderly it's been compared to the flight to Poland. Rather, by that I mean the people on this flight definitely have a different demeanor. It's been much quieter and barely anyone has so much as left their seat. In contrast, during the flight to Poland some of the flight attendants were getting visibly annoyed with a few of the passengers.

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