Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:11 AM Posted by Hikari Studio

I have come to learn the importance of putting yourself out of one's comfort zone as of late. I have come to learn how much value there can be in jumping head first into the unknown and letting it guide you. Prior to this year i regretably hadn't so much as left Alberta in close to 14 years. That's a pretty scary number! In the past few months, even if it is a small number by most peoples standards, I have been to Vancouver, The United States and Poland all in the span of two months. Every single one of those trips has had an impact and helped shape the way my photography is heading now. Particularly, the last trip out to Poland has very much pushed me to finally make the trip to Japan happen. Those that do know me will easily attest as to how overdue this trip really is. It has been a long time coming, finally though, it's a dream that will come to fruition and it seems as fitting a time as it could ever be.

My original interest in photography sprouted from a photoblog by a street photographer within Japan. The very basics of my photography influences were hatched there. As such, this has very quickly become a journey that i know will have a very large impact on my photography life, much more so than the Poland trip has. It very much feels like several paths finally coalescing into something very important and i intend to take the challenge head on.

I am finally on the edge of achieving a long time dream. The thing with dreams though, is that you never quite reach them. As soon as they're within ones grasp the goal posts change and we take a step beyond the original to reach for something even bigger.

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