No Two Are Alike

Thursday, June 30, 2011 1:16 AM Posted by Hikari Studio

I had waited on this sunset for several months. It was ironically also one I nearly completely missed. I had stepped out to deliver some memory cards for a friend and noticed there was not a cloud in the sky. On top of that we had a nice smoke haze enveloping the city which I knew would translate to a much redder sky than usual. So I rushed home to grab my camera and head to the location I had in my mind the past few months. I had infact two different locations in my mind, ones that were on different elevations which I figured would give me enough time to get to both on a setting sun and get the images I wanted.

They were a few shots that had come to mind after I spent a frustrating wait on a model who was a no show, funny enough, due to an ironic level of miscommunication. In the end I got to witness a sunset that was very unique in it's own right.

As it so happens a few clouds rolled in on the horizon and cut the photo session much shorter than what I had hoped for this particular night. At the end of it I didn't get the particular image I was hoping for but I did get something that was unique to me. It's also an image that is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites.

I've come to learn that sunsets are never quite the same, no matter how similar they seem. They are not unlike people in that sense. I have made some honest effort into finding the courage to approach those I find interesting or unique, in whatever the case, and ask them If they don't mind having their picture taken. Not unlike sunsets, I may never get a second chance.

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