Allied Beauty Association - L'Oreal Professional Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Thursday, May 5, 2011 3:09 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

I spent some time over the weekend covering a portion of a local hair and beauty event. One of the salons was Ricci Hair, a name that likely is well known to anyone involved in the hair scene in Canada, let alone Edmonton. Having covered a few of these events and being tied in with the group on certain levels it's still always a very enjoyable experience being there, regardless whether it's with a camera in my hand or not.

One of the things I enjoy is the sense of vision and drive the group has as a whole. I do not style hair, i do not cut it but a lot of the things Tony Ricci himself likes to talk about as an artist easily translates to any other artistic endeavor. It has always been an experience I've come out of with directions and ideas to explore and think over, ironically, as a photographer.

Artists are Artists, regardless of their line of work. It's a wonderful feeling being around those sorts of visionaries.

For those interested, there is a wide range of images from the event which can be found here.

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