Bit By Bit

Thursday, January 13, 2011 10:23 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

A weakness of mine, personality wise, has for the longest time been interactions with people. Whether it be social awkwardness or self criticism it has for the longest time been an all too familiar challenge. The problem is I never thought of it as just that, a challenge.

It's a little ironic to push oneself into a position as a people photographer with that sort of mind frame. On the one hand it's helped me to be comfortable as a fly on the wall when shooting particular events but you can't run from it forever.

The past few months have been a rolling change in all of that. Having recently begun doing some work for a local modelling agency, i knew full well going into that it would put sometimes inexperienced models in front of me, with a limited time frame and a lengthy agenda of photos to crank out.

For a change, I took it as a challenge. Something to overcome. Bit by bit I have been doing so. The lesson in all of this, seek out your weak points and challenge them flat out. Turn your negatives into positives. You can surprise yourself some days.

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