Evening around the University of Alberta

Monday, November 22, 2010 5:07 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

I got a chance on Thursday of last week to shoot with a person I've wanted to shoot with for a while now. It ended up being in the middle of a very hectic and upside down week for me but nonetheless I didn't want to move it to another date, certainly not with how short the days are becoming now and how cold it's getting. There are not many opportunities left to still get a autumn feeling from a photo as it's supposed to start snowing this upcoming week.

On that note I'm really beginning to warm up to using the different locations around the U of A for shoots. There is a lot of rustic elements to play with, a variety of open and accessible spaces within reach of each other and no shortage of interesting architecture. I want to explore this more in the coming months, certainly not out of fear of finding new locales but because there's still a lot of opportunities there.

For a change I will also push myself to do more outside photography this winter. Given our ranging temperatures it's not always the most enjoyable of experiences but there's a lot to explore, creatively, out there.

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