Anna and Kevin - A preview

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:06 PM Posted by Hikari Studio

Anna and Kevin, a couple for whom I originally shot engagement photos for earlier last year had wanted me to shoot their wedding as well. We originally shot the photos at the Japanese garden in the Devonian Botanic Gardens and ended up having a blast doing so. The wedding was this past weekend and had gone over beautifully. Beautiful weather, beautiful venue and wonderful people all around.

There was one caveat however...

I ended up catching a pretty strong cold a few days prior to the wedding. It was okay the few days leading up to the actual day but on the morning of I have to say I wasn't feeling my greatest, not by a long shot.

When it comes to weddings, a sick day is not an option. The show must go on of course. Regardless, I made the best of it and spent the entire day shooting.

It's one of the many items that helps separate the professionals and hiring "Uncle Bob" when it comes to your wedding. The people who do this for a living will pull themselves out of bed that morning and do their best to capture the beautiful day, regardless of the situation. They'll also have a backup in the unlikely event the main photographer comes down with something that actually prevents them from shooting.

There are of course many other reasons to go with a professional photographer but that one hit a little close to home for me over the weekend.

In any case, I had a blast once again and look forward to completing the entire album in a future entry!

P.S. Their dog Otis, rules!

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  1. Mazi.stebuklai Says:

    This shoot is so perfect. And the light is fabulous. Great shoot!

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