Rainmaker Rodeo

Saturday, May 29, 2010 10:40 AM Posted by Hikari Studio

I was invited by a friend yesterday to come shoot at a local rodeo. Having never shot one, heck, let alone ever seen one I was definitely game, even with the pretty cold weather we were having that day.

Having done some action related photography in the past I knew the types of settings I had wanted to use in order to get the look I wanted. With the cold and cloudy weather we had a nice soft light going for us and the conditions were only changing slowly as the evening approached. Most of the event was shot at 1/500th of a second between f2.8 and f4.0. To me at this point the ISO didn't matter so much. So long as it was enough to get me the shutter speed and aperture I wanted then a little noise is nothing Even so i still managed to keep it below ISO800 most of the night. The shutter speed was enough to stop most of the action while still retaining a little motion blur for effect on particular portions of the images.

I've never really been one to hold much interest when it comes to cowboys and anything regarding the "West" but it's definitely changed my mind on it. There's a lot of skill and hard work behind it all, not to mention the brass balls you'd need to sit on top of a angry steer until it kicks you off.

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  1. aiwun Says:

    dude that is so cool XD glad you had fun!! you should try the mechanical bull at capital ex this year HAHA

  2. Angelica Borsellino Says:

    Well done! Love the colour, love the action!

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