A bit of the weekend

Monday, March 8, 2010 11:55 AM Posted by Hikari Studio

Lately it has been a little hectic in some regards. Although I'm not constantly out doing shoots I have been spending a lot of time organizing for them, editing and overall networking as well as studying and reading different facets of photography. Whether it be about lighting, posing, equipment, contacts, programs or business aspects there's a lot of ground to cover and at times it kind of feels like I am not moving forward simply because you don't have a tangible product at the end of the day. In the end it becomes important to stay positive and remember that eventually all these little threads come together and influence you as a whole.

Last week I had met up with some other photographers from around the city for a networking night of sorts. There were some interesting discussions all around and it helped put a little perspective on the different kinds of shooting. A lot of the people there were wedding photographers and a few of us got to talking how that whole aspect involves being familiar with many different forms of shooting. As a wedding photographer you have to be flexible, you have to be able to photograph people, events, still life, lifestyle and beauty shots to name a few and all the while dealing with people, covering the business side, the post processing, the prints and many other small things. Mind you a lot of these spill over whether you shoot for a magazine, for fashion or what ever else you may enjoy doing.

I guess trying those shoes on really helps you get an appreciation for the really talented photographers who manage to do this weekend after weekend all the while delivering an amazing product. It sure as heck isn't as easy as they make it look.

With that I have put a lot of pressure on myself to make some good progress over the next few months and bring all these little aspects involved together. I guess the hard thing with progress is at times you can't notice it until you've traversed the road a good distance before looking back. It's little pieces, bit by bit. Big changes do not come over night.

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